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Anal Fisting Kharkiv

Anal Fisting

Getting new sexual sensation has unlimited possibilities during sex. Today's world offers many pleasures for the services that will be appreciated by lovers of unusual feelings. Such is anal fisting - sexual practices, which is characterized by the introduction of several fingers or fist into the anus. Fisting advantage that it can be carried out both in terms of men and women. In this technique, everyone will find what he thinks is important.

Fisting in an extreme sex

Anal fisting has long been known to our ancestors, but over time lost its position in the sex market, and now again gaining popularity in intersexual relations. Fisting is considered a form of masturbation, if performed alone without the presence of a partner. However, the full effect of this extraordinary process in full can be known only by contacting the services of professional escort girls who certainly know how to give real pleasure to the customer. Anal Fisting with a prostitute from Kharkiv - a great opportunity to try an unusual kind of sex, to broaden their perception of the border and to diversify their sex life.

The underlying idea of ​​the session of anal fisting is the stimulation of nerve endings in the anus. In men, this factor exerts pressure on the prostate and in women - impact on the G-spot through the rectal wall.

Cautions when performing fisting

Practitioners unusual types of sex are often composed in a particularly trusting relationship. fisting technique does not tolerate haste, carelessness fisting or insufficient lubrication. For most striking effect should prepare well, because non-compliance with all the rules possible pain and adverse effects in the form of tears of the rectum or of infection. The girls of our agency have the necessary knowledge and skills in this difficult fascinating process, so you can trust them. They will listen to your wishes and will do everything exactly as you want. To reduce the risk of infectious diseases prostitutes spend fisting gloves and take care of your hands and manicure. Your job, as a customer, is to do an enema beforehand. Well, enjoy the process rests on the shoulders of fragile and professional prostitutes.